Throw out what you thought you knew about the doctor’s office.
Previty is changing the experience. 

Even before you open the door to Previty Clinic for Surgical Care, you know something is different. Large picture windows from the hallway give you a view of where you are about to go.  Tufted couches, luxurious area rugs, blown glass art and a coffee bar make you double take.  It looks like it could be a high-end hotel lobby.  Perhaps you got the suite number wrong, but no, there on the door, you see the sign… Previty Clinic for Surgical Care.

glass wall
Garcia Art Glass

Say goodbye to the days of stuffy, uncomfortable waiting rooms, full of vinyl seats and a stale odor that could only be described as the doctor’s office. Say hello to upscale furnishing, calming colors and a friendly staff waiting to welcome you. Dr. Garrett K. Peel, President and CEO, says the Previty experience starts even before a patient is seen by one of our surgeons. “Everyone comes to us with a some level of anxiety. It’s our job to ease that as best we can and it starts in the Previty Patient Lounge.”

Previty knows environment is important to the healing process, but what is even more important are the people who guide you through it. That’s why, at Previty, there are NO glass windows to slide and no little silver bells to ring.  Our staff is there sitting next to you as we walk you through the registration process, waiting to answer any questions you may have. Nothing separates you from us.  We believe personal contact is important during this time and that starts with real, one-on-one interactions.  Previty is making the anxiety ridden experience of surgery, a little less overwhelming.  We make surgery easier, to get you healthier.

Previty surgeons treat diseases from breast cancer to obesity.  With 3 different locations around Southeast Texas, you can get high quality care close to home.

If you need surgery, you need Previty.

Call Previty today and experience the difference for yourself. 1.844.PREVITY








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