5 Important Questions to Ask Your Breast Cancer Surgeon

hsbcs_sunsetA breast cancer diagnosis comes with a lot of uncertainty especially if you need surgery. The thought of surgery and the after effects of surgery can be just as scary as the diagnosis itself.  But there are things you can do to calm your fears.  Knowing your treatment options and getting answers to your questions can give you some peace of mind in a very scary time.

Here are 5 important questions to ask your surgeon to determine what option is right for you.  

1. What are my surgical options, and why?

There are quite a few options when it comes to breast cancer surgery.  Depending on your type of cancer, how advanced it is and where it is located, you might be choosing from a lumpectomy, full mastectomy, skin sparing mastectomy, nipple sparing mastectomy, skin nipple areola sparing mastectomy, or a Hidden Scar™ mastectomy.  Those are quite a few options and it can get confusing.  Knowing them and understanding the differences in them from your surgeon can give you confidence in choosing the best fit.

2. Am I a candidate for the Hidden Scar nipple sparing mastectomy? Are you a Hidden Scar certified surgeon?

If you are a candidate for the Hidden Scar™ surgical procedure you have the great option of not only treating the cancer, but also keeping your confidence.  With the Hidden Scar™ surgery, you can look in the mirror with confidence after surgery seeing little to no visible scars.  A certified Hidden Scar™ surgeon, like the ones at Previty Clinic are trained in performing this specialized surgical approach.  Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate.

3. Is there a difference in cancer recurrence rates for the Hidden Scar nipple sparing mastectomy compared to a simple mastectomy?

Your health and the success of your treatment is the most important thing when fighting breast cancer. Making choices with that in mind is a huge priority to you and should be to your surgeon as well.  Your surgeon should be able to answer questions about recurrence rates with all the different options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

4. Where will my scars be and will they be visible?

Knowing what your breasts will look and feel like after surgery is important to your emotional recovery as well and your physical one. Ask you surgeon where your scars will be so that there won’t be any surprises when you see them for the first time after surgery.  If you are able to choose the Hidden Scar™ procedure, your scars may not be visible at all.

5. Will both of my breasts look the same after surgery?

Again, knowing what to expect after surgery can be very helpful to your recovery. Asking your surgeon how your breast will look can reduce the surprise or shock of seeing your new breasts for the first time after surgery.

These are only 5 of the many questions you will want to ask your surgeon. Being informed gives you confidence to make the best decisions for your care. Surgeons at Previty value open dialogue with their patients which can lead to better relationships and better outcomes.

Both of our Breast Cancer Surgeons are certified in the Hidden Scar™ surgical approach and Previty Clinic was the FIRST Center of Excellence in Texas for the Hidden Scar™ surgery.

Learn more about the Hidden Scar™ procedure HERE.  


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