Obesity and Your Heart, Where’s the Love?

Ways obesity affects your health.

According to the National Institute of Health, more than one third of adult Americans are obese.  That means there are over 100 million people in this country who are obese and it’s not just their weight that is affected. Obesity can lead to multiple serious health problems including and probably most concerning, your heart.  Studies have shown that people with severe obesity are almost four times more likely to suffer from heart failure.

So how exactly does obesity affect your heart? An article  in U.S. News and World Report describes it as follows: More body fat leads to an increase in blood volume which in turn leads to your heart having to work harder.  Over time this prolonged stress on your heart leads to failure. The article goes on to explain how fat tissue in the abdomen produces toxic substances that can damage the heart muscles. This means there doesn’t even need to be obvious signs of heart disease for there to be serious hidden damage.  You may think you are not at risk, but you could be closer to heart failure than you realize.


This is all pretty scary, but there are options for getting obesity under control. Diet and exercise are the strategies we all know about. Adjusting the way and amounts of what you eat along with regular exercise can work for many people, but for some, it’s not always enough. The good news is at Previty’s Fresh Start Program, we offer surgical and non-surgical options for treatment.  Whether it’s a gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or the non-surgical procedure, Reshape™ Belly Balloon, we can take care of your weight loss needs to keep your heart healthy.

Take care of your heart. Call Previty. 1.844.PREVITY


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