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7 Ways to Tell if That New Diet is a Keeper

How often have you heard, “It’s bikini season” or “get in shape for summer”?  We’re being told by everyone to lose weight and it usually comes with a fad diet, pill, or drink.  Fad diets are advertised everywhere: the TV, internet, radio, bookstore, and friends.  In fact, it seems easier to find a fad diet than one that is scientifically proven and sound.  How can you tell if a diet is safe and effective?  Follow these suggestions and you will be sure to know:

1. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Just like in making money: get-rich-quick schemes rarely work in the long run.  That’s how fad diets are.

2. Ask yourself: can I eat this way for the rest of my life? If the answer is “no,” then it’s probably best to avoid the diet.

3. If it eliminates an entire food group, it will probably not be nutritionally adequate in the long-run.

4.Is there scientific proof to back it up? If not, then it might not be safe.

5. If it guarantees you can lose weight without changing eating habits or exercise, then steer clear.

6. If it relies heavily on celebrity endorsements or testimonials, then it is probably a fad diet.

7. Does it make claims to fix a long list of medical problems or claim to be a “cure-all”? If the answer is “yes,” be careful.

Now that you’ve determined what a fad diet is and what is not, where can you go to find accurate and reliable information?  Look for one that is based on scientific data to prove its effectiveness and safety.  Seek out a nutrition professional, namely a registered dietitian (RD), who is qualified to give nutrition advice.  When choosing health professionals, choose ones who are supportive of your unique goals, empathetic, and provide knowledgeable advice based on the latest science.  If you follow the tips above, you won’t go wrong in finding plans that are right for you.

For some people who suffer from obesity, even healthy diet and exercise does not work and medical intervention is necessary.  Learn more about Previty Clinic’s many options for healthy weight loss, here.

Contributed by: Kelli Worley MS, RD, LD

Kelli Worley MS, RD, LD, Webster, Pasadena & Beaumont Clinics


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