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Know Your BMI

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is calculated from your height and weight.  The BMI can be classified into several categories: Underweight: BMI is less than 18.5. Normal weight: BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. Overweight: BMI is 25 to 29.9. Obese: BMI is 30 or more. You can use the chart below to determine…… Continue reading Know Your BMI

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Boost Immunity through Nutrition and Lifestyle

8 Simple Steps to Staying Healthy Every time one of my kids or I get sick, I re-evaluate our lifestyle to determine if our immune systems are at their best.  Like everyone else, I don’t have time to get sick.  Here are 8 key strategies for keeping your immune system working properly: Get enough sleep.…… Continue reading Boost Immunity through Nutrition and Lifestyle

Healthy Eating · obesity · weight loss

The Healthy Portion Plate

The Plate Method for Healthy Eating A simple, visual way to change your eating habits is to imagine your plate divided into sections as you portion out your meals.  To decrease your weight and decrease your chances for cancer and heart disease, it is suggested to fill your plate 50% with vegetables and/or fruit.  Lean…… Continue reading The Healthy Portion Plate


Obesity Kills

5 Ways Obesity Can End Your Life Early Obesity is more than just extra weight. It affects your whole body and increases the likelihood of countless other diseases that put you at risk for early death.  Knowing how obesity affects your overall health is critical in understanding the disease and getting the right treatment. According to the American…… Continue reading Obesity Kills